(Medical Simulation, Modeling, Advanced Research, and Training)
MedSMART is a not-for-profit company devoted to simulation-based training of civilian and military medical personnel (physicians, nurses, and paramedics). MedSMART offers global accessibility and unprecedented affordability by using Human Patient Simulators (HPS) either in hands-on or distance training environments; it also provides training in field management of combat trauma, disaster, and CBRNE field casualty care. The principles of Advanced Distributed Learning and Distributed Interactive Simulation implemented by MedSMART permit us to train medical personnel deployed worldwide. Also, MedSMART conducts its own academic research on the effects of simulation on medical performance, reduction of medical errors, human factors in medicine, and the development of virtual reality-based medical simulation systems. Consulting functions in all these areas are a part of MedSMART’s activity portfolio.

Training Approach

The original concept started by the Medical Readiness Trainer (MRT) scientists has now been substantially expanded by the same research group now affiliated with MedSMART. The main obstacles to long-distance simulation-based training have been solved by integrating advanced, remotely controlled Human Patient Simulators (HPS) into a fully interactive 3-D video-teleconferencing/telepointing Internet-based network whose geographical range is unlimited.

The proprietary solutions devised by MedSMART allow the trainee to see and interact with the simulator located virtually anywhere in the world. The trainee can now practice skills of medical management, leadership, and team interaction without having physical access to the simulator, and yet face the same challenges as if the HPS were standing in the same room. Moreover, the MedSMART approach allows inclusion of an expert teacher as the director of each training exercise regardless of the teacher’s location.

Thus, the simulator may be located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with trainees in Washington, D.C., while the expert teachers instructing on the medical techniques may be sitting in his or her office in one of London’s teaching hospitals. All activities happen in real time, all participants (trainees and teachers) see the same pattern of vital signs on their monitors, and all hear the same dialogue and the same heart sounds. Whenever needed, the teacher can stop the simulator and provide additional instruction. When faults are discovered, the same scenario can be run repeatedly until the students fully master their skills.

For the first time in the history of medicine, neither cost nor distance will prevent doctors, nurses, and paramedics all over the world from gaining access to the highest level of professional education and training that, to date, has only been available to the privileged few.

Realistic representation of human disease and trauma

Critical decision-making by the team and its members

Recreation of the stress and urgency of real-life medical emergencies

Specific emergency scenarios designed to meet the needs of the client

Triage and management of mass casualties

Preparation for the counteraction of biological and chemical terrorism

Just-in-time training

Interactive capability

Global accessibility

Unprecedented affordability

Rapid consolidation of previously acquired knowledge and translation of that knowledge into coherent clinical action

Rapid training to enhance team interaction and medical leadership

Elimination of fixation errors
Development of consistent com-munication with other members of the medical team
The HPS deployed on site yields the capability to practice medical skills in chemical and biological protective gear

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